Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Know You Have Not Been Successful When... take a look at the CSM5 meeting notes and read this:

CCP observed that the different space can be perceived like this: high sec is for singular, low sec for corporations, 0.0 for alliances and basically low sec could do with some love.


Arnar, Matt and Guilhem responded that Low Sec is a bit broken, is not what it should be and CCP are aware of this. A specific Low Sec expansion is not on the 18 month plan; however CCP is looking into a combat expansion, where combat awareness and information regarding combat would be refined for the user (not the combat mechanics themselves), which would benefit every EVE player rather on focusing just on Low Sec. At the moment CCP are focusing on Planetary Interaction and Incarna but maybe next summer there could be a combat expansion rather than a feature specific expansion. Even though CCP would like to change Low Sec it will not happen in the next eighteen months.


The CSM expressed concerns that Low Sec is very low in CCP’s priority order. CSM stated that Low Sec players don´t agree with CCP’s (lack of) prioritization for Low Sec and that there has been ongoing and widely discussed support on the forums, in focus groups, and in other venues in support of a significant evolution for Low Sec.

The CSM observed that a lot of players believe that certain EVE features (such as Low Sec) have been abandoned by CCP. If a cohesive Low Sec plan were identified, perhaps over time, small but related items could be implemented across several releases that would eventually evolve Low Sec into something much more fun than it is today. Matt observed that such an approach can be difficult to do; it is sometimes just easier and better to devote an expansion initially to a sweeping change such as CSM envisioned for Low Sec.

The CSM asked CCP directly if it could promise that Low Sec will receive more attention. CCP restated that there will be no Low Sec expansion in the next 18 months but mentioned again the possibility of a combat expansion, which does reflect EVE´s core gameplay. In response to that, some CSM members stated that a combat expansion would not be sufficient to improve Low Sec in a significant way.


CCP suggested that CSM work more with players to draft a well-supported vision for Low Sec, then submit a “foundation story” to CCP as a proposal that reflects that vision. A big picture framework is preferred, rather than detailed mechanics and content descriptions. the focus should be on the essence of what is cool, necessary, and unique. The goal should be to document the possibilities and identify the potential “stories”. Even though no action may be taken for 18-24 months, CSM is urged to get their ideas into play.

I know that this has already been beaten into the ground in the past day on several, different forums and blog posts but I can't help but be peeved at the way these notes sound. It is silly for me to judge the planning, foresight and execution of a game company that has run a successful MMO from here on my stupid little blog where my biggest accomplishment amounts to some MS Paint masterpieces. Regardless, we can only work with what we are given and what we appear to have been given is a message that the priorities in Eve-Online are not on fixing many large pieces of functionality that are broken, poorly-designed or half-complete but instead on:

  • An expansion based around walking around in stations that has been "in development" for about 14 years and isn't something most of us want anyhow.
  • A first-person shooter for consoles that may or may not even tie into Eve-Online at any point.
  • Lots of new functionality that gets half-baked, poorly polished and isn't cohesive with the rest of the game such as Planetary Interaction, Faction Warfare and the nullsec changes in Dominion.

All I know is that for two-and-a-half-years now we have all lived with the many, many issues in Eve and lowsec specifically with the hope that the next expansion would be dedicated to cleaning up the red-headed stepchild of security spaces in New Eden. These CSM minutes are basically a confirmation that it will be at least another two-and-a-half years before there is even a remote chance.

I guess I know the very next thing I will be reading to cheer myself up...


Arrhidaeus said...

Yep, pretty blatant blow to the face, especially after how obvious it was that electing Mynxee as CSM Chair meant that low-sec was getting pissed off.

"CCP suggested that CSM work more with players to draft a well-supported vision for Low Sec"

If I had 1 ISK for how many times I've heard that the risk vs. reward of low-sec (as in, CCP needs to admit that low-sec is way more dangerous than a huge alliance's chunk of 0.0 that facerapes every non-blue in a 50 jump radius, and adjust low-secs rewards accordingly) could be adjusted to make it a badass wild-west kind of shoot first, ask questions later, and maybe make a shitton of ISK if you can survive, part of space, then shit, I'd have a lot of ISK.

What an unoriginal, "We don't give a shit but will pretend the ball is in your court" line.

Anonymous said...

I've kind of kept out of the forum loop in regards to any CSM/CCP stuff for this reason.

It is as Arrhi said a massive blow to the entire low sec community. The issue is stability in my opinion. We can only go on so long warring against each other and faction warfare. There is no indication that low sec will ever be what it intended to and this is an upsetting thing to contemplate indeed.

Alua Oresson said...

I can understand how you are all upset. From what I have witnessed, people have been complaining about how low sec is for quite a few years. Its pretty sad actually. I think that CCP needs to pull some people off of the Incarna expansion and actually fix a lot of the things that are currently wrong with the game. Low sec and rockets are two that come off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

Boo-hoo. Your faggoty, single-perspective pirate tears, when things don't fit your limping perspective of how Eve should be, are all too predictable, funny, and savored. Thanks for whining even more than ever, lately, even right after your masturbatory Hulkageddon. Low sec isn't yours, even if you do infest it like a bunch of cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

But, then, these brave cockroaches of player content are all low sec has. Without them, it would just be a couple of pointless jumps between high sec and null sec.