Monday, August 23, 2010


Andrea Skye stealing my stuff was a hoax. Andrea Skye is nice a person who likes kittens and once saved an old lady from falling into a well. Any ISK or ships he acquired from me were given to him intentionally, we just decided to have a little fun with it. I'd love to say "I got you!" but really, we didn't. Most of you are smart enough to see a troll coming from a mile away. Anyhow:

(1) Yes, it was a hoax:

(2) Yes, I really intended to give a large amount of modules and ships away to my favorite joke from a few posts ago.

(3) No, the winner won't be getting anything because my account was made... "inaccessable" for a couple of days and during that span, my paid time ran out. I won't be reactivating my account right now so there is no way to transfer anything. Sorry.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friendship Is Rare

Anyone who has read through my blog has a pretty good idea of what has made Eve a fun game for me. I dislike a huge portion of the Eve in general... the interface is awful, the player-vs-environment gameplay is TERRIBLE and it has more bugs than anything I have ever experienced in my life. By far. So why did I love Eve so much? It was because of the creative things that its freedom and sandbox style let me do. It was because spaceships are cool. Most of all, it was because I got to play with a really awesome bunch of pilots in The Python Cartel. Our core has been pretty close for a while and I talk to a number of them out of game and we play non-Eve games together as well.

Probably the person I have been best Eve-Online buddies with is Andrea Skye. We flew together very often and had great success. We chatted outside of the game quite often, shared account information so that we could borrow items/isk/ships and I trusted him more than anyone else in the group. Until today.

I have been absent from Eve for a few weeks now, only logging on to set skills and look at my mail. Today I checked my personal email to find this message:

Hi there spectre old pal.

I know you dont log EvE anymore, so I am sending you an email instead. What for you ask?

I've liberated all you ships and Isk. All I have left you with is 0.69 isk. I thought this would be funny as you once said it was your lucky number.

Anyway. Sucks to be you, I hope we can still be friends. It was purely business.

Please be more careful when giving out your password to random dudes on the internet in the future.




The most important part of the image he linked is this:

That is the remaining money in my wallet, a little over one billion ISK, being transfered from my account to his. He also was nice enough to take a number of ships that were sitting in my hangar in Resbroko. I don't have much use for what is left so everything I do have remaining will be given away and you can check this post for details.

I can handle a lot in Eve and the anger or effect is only about five minutes worth. This is not something I can deal with and continue to play. Having a majority of my assets taken sucks, but I could overcome it. Having my friends betray me is not.

Fuck you, Andrea Skye.

Tell Me A Joke

Any joke. Make it funny and make it something I haven't heard before. Whichever one I like best will get a few billion ISK worth of modules and ships contracted to them. Make sure to post your in-game name along with your joke. Vulgarity is fine.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rapin Errbody

Why I haven't played Eve in a few weeks:

Limbo (pretty fun)

Deathspank (really fun)

Starcraft II (really pretty fucking fun)

Why I won't be playing Eve for another few weeks:

Monday Night Combat (looks really pretty fucking fun)

What you should read/watch while I am away: