Monday, August 23, 2010


Andrea Skye stealing my stuff was a hoax. Andrea Skye is nice a person who likes kittens and once saved an old lady from falling into a well. Any ISK or ships he acquired from me were given to him intentionally, we just decided to have a little fun with it. I'd love to say "I got you!" but really, we didn't. Most of you are smart enough to see a troll coming from a mile away. Anyhow:

(1) Yes, it was a hoax:

(2) Yes, I really intended to give a large amount of modules and ships away to my favorite joke from a few posts ago.

(3) No, the winner won't be getting anything because my account was made... "inaccessable" for a couple of days and during that span, my paid time ran out. I won't be reactivating my account right now so there is no way to transfer anything. Sorry.


Andrea skye said...

Actualy I was surpised by how many people DID believe it. Most people didnt think it was just a hoax, most people beleived it.

If you played the game, you would know!

And I do indeed like kittens (fried) and I only saved the granny from the well to rob her purse afterwards.

Letrange said...

@Andrea it kinda depends on how long someone has been around. For those of us who've been around longer, Specter is like the boy who cried wolf. If it ever happened for real, no one would believe him even if it was true.

Cozmik R5 said...

As I mentioned I don't give a flying fuck if it was a hoax or not; you guys are nuts either way :))

Htrag said...

It was entertaining either way. I was only 95% convinced it was spec being spec until I did the CCCP Navigator / Skye impersonation and trolled python in Isho local for the truth.

Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah hoaxy woaxy. Irrelevant of the gazillions in modules, whose joke was the best :P

Akinesis said...

Always read your posts with a pinch of salt =)


Omgah said...

Carrying on my tradition I see.