Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Glorious Hatemail

Piracy results in a good amount of negativity directed your way. I wish that we could all just love each other and give hugs and enjoy the violencing of each others boats but sometimes people just don't seem to agree! Let's take a look at examples of some of these angry folks...

NOTE: All of these are REAL hatemail from REAL dumbasses who sent them to my REAL Eve-Online mailbox! For real!
hi ,
you attack me in the belt
i´m a noob , i play eve 2-3 weeks and i have no many to bye a new ship ....
im happy that my ship is not broken by your attacks .
it was a funny fight and i have a big adrenalin kick but pls do not attack me again - i´m a NOOOB and i just want to test my fitting in the belt with rats ...
ok hf & fly save
Maybe this isn't actually that negative. He's happy I gave him a "big adrenalin kick but" and wants me to have fun. What a nice guy. Maybe I'm wrong about peoples reactions and they will generally be happy!
2008.06.25 04:40
2008.06.25 04:49
you ass is mine!!! i come back .
dude wtf could you possibly win from destroying my ship?
Best pirate of the year award, of course!

Hello Spectre3353,
do you remember the fight against my friend an me? I wonder how you kick our ass so good. Warp jam is on part but did you use a energiy transfer modul. it was the first fight with the thorax for me and i dont know whats happend. maybe you can explain how you do it. if not ok and next time take what you want from the wracks, bying a new ship is more expensiv :-)
if something is written wrong ... german
Oh... apparently any time I am worried about potential spelling errors I can just explain by saying "german". Seems fair. That excuse probably works pretty well for accusations of starting massive world wars or as to why I have schnitzel stains all over my pants.
why do you think I was in a Rupture...I have no money ..and now I have now ship ...
[...] Your blog was less than advertised. It only highlights your need to drop the pixels and find a real companion. We at Shadow Phoenix recommend an actual woman. No worries though, you'll meet a few when our pack hunts shameless PKers. You could always turn cool and setup honorable PvP instead of thugging it. Players with class will always draw attention and respect.
Now this I take offense to. A pony isn't a real companion? Mrs Pilkins isn't a woman? YOU THINK I NEED TO TURN COOL AND STOP THUGGING? FUCK YOU BRO!!!!!!
2008.06.28 21:14
You will regret that.
Lawl. Nah.
2008.08.06 07:52
I WILL, have you DEAD. Scum....
2008.08.06 05:05
I will find you I will KILL you
2008.08.06 03:18
YOU, have made an Enemy !

Im looking for you.
You, HAVE made me. SCARED!

That's all for this edition of "Random Hatemail I Found From 2008-2009". Join us again next post when I hunt down some more recent emotional tirades about how I killed your stupid fucking Ibis. You know you can just dock up and get another Ibis for free right? I hate you fucking guys.

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