Sunday, November 17, 2013

Eve.... Eve Never Changes

Well... actually it does. I happened to run across some Python Cartel members and they let me know that some things are happening... to interceptors?! My Taranis might finally be viable again! With such glorious news echo'ing in my mind, I once again decided to come out of retirement for like the 2nd... er.. 7th time?

[ 19:50:49 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Heydieles 
[ 19:55:19 ] Darc Kaahar > Andrea Skye 
[ 19:55:24 ] Darc Kaahar > ISFUCK IDIOT 
[ 19:55:44 ] Kelsey McClintock > That isn't a nice word 
[ 19:58:36 ] Darc Kaahar > cowards 
[ 19:58:40 ] Fateamendabletochange > your right you did not have enough guys to take us 
[ 19:58:40 ] Darc Kaahar > you make me fucking sick 
[ 19:58:55 ] Spectre3353 > yea seriously you piraets are scum 
[ 19:58:56 ] Andrea Skye > what appears to be the problem sir 
[ 19:59:06 ] Spectre3353 > SKYE U R ALL THAT IS WRONG WIT TEH WORLD 
[ 19:59:09 ] Darc Kaahar > Andrea Skye Hello 
[ 19:59:16 ] Andrea Skye > hello m8 
[ 19:59:17 ] Darc Kaahar > You are a blithering idiot 
[ 19:59:18 ] Fateamendabletochange > need at least 20 more people 
[ 19:59:33 ] Andrea Skye > what made you draw that conclusion good sir 
[ 20:00:09 ] Fateamendabletochange > yopu ran away 
[ 20:00:15 ] Darc Kaahar > Andrea Skye you is real condom you is real pidor 
[ 20:01:24 ] Spectre3353 > one time i saw skye put a little kid in a washing machine 
[ 20:01:41 ] Spectre3353 > he didnt turn it on though, he gave him ice cream 
[ 20:01:45 ] Spectre3353 > and the kid ate it in the washing machine 
[ 20:01:48 ] Spectre3353 > it was really sweet 
[ 20:01:55 ] Andrea Skye > i got pics 
[ 20:02:06 ] Glippo > Spectre3353 STFU 
[ 20:02:16 ] Spectre3353 > oh hai mark 
[ 20:02:38 ] Glippo > hi

According to my employment history, I started playing Eve-Online well over five years ago, in March of 2008. Since then I have moved where I live. I have change my place of employment more than once. I have impregnated many, MANY women across the globe. Yet Eve... Eve never really changes.

Back once again. Flying ships that Skye gave me for free once again.


Kirith Kodachi said...

It was great to see you last night :)

Unknown said...

o/ I am happy to see this! I am new to the game, I tried it years ago, but the gameplay, was lack-luster for an adrenalline junky like myself. Alas, I never activated. With all the buzz over Oculus/Facebook/Sony/CCP, I decided to come back. I was tickled to see the game now...I saw Pheobe release (beautiful), and was amped once I read about about Thera, and shattereds. I immediately new it was completely different, and my mind began to buzz with the possibility of being able to be a pioneer.
So, I set on my task...My newb alliance corp just lost port auth, so I was once again alone. I just bought a vexor, building towards PFR's vexor doctrine. So, my wallet was down to nill. I was going to go back to my asset cache and then move to FW. Along the way, I decided "I want to try explo, and Thera sounds cool" Through my interpretation I understood Thera was easiest found from K space. Only having a comet, a vexor, and a venture in hangar, and not much in wallet, I headed to head to Old Man Star and attempted to mine pristine Jaspet. I almost prevented my murder, but alas I didn't know I had to be 2.5km from objects to go into cloak :(. I had to go to another station to get my other venture (I bought 3 cloaks t1 while in FW corp) So, I did it again...this time I found a roid belt out of dscan range and began afk mining stacks of P Jaspet. Soon I had enough to set out in a cloaked Imi...Now it gets fun, My first sig scan down was a WH. I had been in one WH b4 and knew how strong the sleepers were (1 shotted me). So I deployed probes and went stealth, I then scanned down all sigs in WH. I found 3more WHs. I decided to take the "red pill" and go down the rabbit hole ( ship is only like 3mil, and I had been stealing average 4mil loots on FW borders, so no sweat). I quickly came up with a naming convention so I could come back and fourth if I got spit out in K space. I kept jumping holes till I found what I was looking 1st shattered. I knew I wasn't the 1st, but I knew I would be the first to stay in one. I started scanning I have already been alerted, my technique needed polishing. Anyway I mapped all sites in about an hour, since I had relic and data module I went to those. I found a silent battlefield, all the loot I could hack, so I netted 100mil in 3hrs. I knew the sites had 3 statics to K and 1 to W..I found them all and noted it and went to sleep. The next day I awoke in my safe spot and immediately immediately began rescanning. I then proceeded to go back to data/relics..they now had rats in some and none in others. I got what I could and went back to my goal. I found the new statics, and what it showed me was a completely new route across the Universe. It then dawned on me... 100 new shattereds, 3 statics to K space...that's 300/all K space systems. That's a very low likelihood of finding smaller shattered from k space. The fact that there is only 1 w means this. Yes, every couple days a WH corp has a linked shattered in their connecting system, so they can find em easily, But I challenge you to find the same one again. Probably take you about idk...2/100, something like 50 weeks to get that same one's access from you WH connection? SO...there it is.

I got flamed, and yes I am human, so I was snarky back, but attempted to be civil. Ignore the video at first, and read everything. Then since none of you are newbs, (video made for newbs and a proof to none newbs) Look at the beginning to see my wallet, then look at end to see my loot. Then click to zboards and u know I tell the truth.

Then after u read everything, go back to ur xmas presents and read all the descrips. My favorite is the titanium cranial's been hard spreading the word :)Change is scary?

Unknown said...
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